Hey Alan Army, this is Alan Chikin Chow! This video is called Toxic Relationships Be Like. Did you like the ending?!
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  1. Alan Chikin Chow

    Alan Chikin Chow

    got him back 😎 check out WHAT DRAINS YOUR ENERGY ➡️

  2. Chelsea Sik

    Chelsea Sik

    such a good message <3 don't stay in toxic relationships guys n girls

  3. 김서연


    21 күн бұрын

    와 오늘 진짜 너무 좋다 좋다 좋아 좋아 official lyric

  4. Brajesh Pal

    Brajesh Pal

    Күн бұрын

    He didn't show your body

  5. 🧻Tuvalet kağıdı🧻

    🧻Tuvalet kağıdı🧻

    En çok nimete üzülüyor

  6. Shervin J

    Shervin J

    Күн бұрын

    Me who thought the uncle was finna come😂😂😂

  7. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    I want to tell you one thing, I just now saw you on TV(music channel)... I was just Jungshook... BTW nice acting in Late Night Feels

  8. Angelica Ramos

    Angelica Ramos

    Күн бұрын

    It’s so amazing 🤩

  9. Shah Haque

    Shah Haque

    They are good friend

  10. Rexhina Kasmi

    Rexhina Kasmi

    Очень круто😉😉

  11. Rubyhehe


    "ice cream makes everything better"

  12. Larry Latif

    Larry Latif


  13. Maria clara Oliveira

    Maria clara Oliveira

    Isabela 😍😍😍😍😍😍😞

  14. AnonArgie


    People who play roblox SCP 3008 be like:

  15. Maira Faisal

    Maira Faisal

    14 күн бұрын

    But the first one was not toxic. It was about being pocessive and protective

  16. Maman Suparman

    Maman Suparman


  17. K-pop fan

    K-pop fan

    Friend is beatiful than love😊

  18. Ahmed Salam

    Ahmed Salam


  19. arnavgamess



  20. Hammad Fans

    Hammad Fans

    I Respect Everyone who were involved in this , Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen💔 but I m a fan of