This volleyball point is WILD. 😱😱
(via beachvolleyballworld/IG, usc_athletics/IG)
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  1. Liv


    the girl taking all the digs gave everything frr

  2. Chinedu Opara

    Chinedu Opara

    That woman was basically

  3. Aidan Elias

    Aidan Elias

    Hughes is literally hard carrying her team, she had a ton of crazy saves and the one spike she took, she scored!!🎉

  4. crashy bunken

    crashy bunken

    I was like “oh its over” at least 6 times in this vid

  5. TheIosif


    At first I was like: "I doubt it." When it was over I legitimately clapped.

  6. Sam


    I just can’t move that quick on the sand, how did she do it lmao. Brilliant cut for the last hit too, the placement made it look like the other side fell asleep

  7. Ed H.

    Ed H.

    Hit it where she ain’t.

  8. You must love all K A N G A R O O S

    You must love all K A N G A R O O S

    that poor girl was tossing herself around like a plastic bag in the wind LMFAO

  9. I love Panduhs

    I love Panduhs

    I like how the other people are so relaxed and just living the life, having a great time playing, while those other two playing for their lives, it kinda felt like they just gave up at this point lol

  10. WILD Recon

    WILD Recon

    She was literally diving all over the court 💀

  11. Lord Ramdyx

    Lord Ramdyx

    I have literally never watch the volleyball before, but holy crap that was an absolutely insane defense from the right side!

  12. Necrozma


    This is me whenever I do badminton doubles

  13. Angie 🤟🏼

    Angie 🤟🏼

    Damn that girl was fast sliding and hitting the ball could never be me 💀

  14. Aaron Reid

    Aaron Reid

    Hughes was all over it giving 100% amazing skills!!

  15. edgar Alonso

    edgar Alonso

    The amount of sweat and tears has been shown! Congratulations ❤

  16. Sergio Zavala

    Sergio Zavala

    That’s actually unreal

  17. Lane’s Aviation

    Lane’s Aviation

    2 сағат бұрын

    This takes “Don’t let it hit the ground” to a WHOLE new level!

  18. Chill Music

    Chill Music

    How inspirational it is, the girl never relinquished under any cases❤

  19. MinShooky


    I can't even walk on sand without getting tired, I can't imagine diving and running in it lmao

  20. The RE: Brand

    The RE: Brand

    The one girl taking all the dives really kept that play alive, and even scored in the end for them. Great hustle!