The funniest fight In History!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  1. @mototig2916


    When you're trying to fight someone in a dream and just can't throw a punch

  2. @zaytv_1yt750


    Fam had some evil intent behind those little punches

  3. @mya7pro2022


    Thats some ole kung fu drunken master moves😅

  4. @LaBomba075


    the first blow broke the protective shield, the second went through 😂

  5. @peterpaovang2650


    Dude sang the ABC song in his head when throwing those punches. A B C D! E F G!

  6. @hmarvin3791


    Parece cuando peleaban Batman y Robin de los años 60 , ZUASSSS.... CRASHHH . POOMM... ZASHHHHHH caracoles tienes los calzoncillos por fuera Batman .....cuidado Robinnnn por atras... recorcholis. ....ya es muy tarde Batman ..... aaaayyyyyyy , ..aayyyy......🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. @ALL-bw6ru


    Bro offers his face and still misses 😂💀

  8. @anonymousrando9934


    I swear all I hear is “See ya..” when he throws a punch🤣🤣

  9. @kingkong87m


    I bet every last one of these guys went home saying, "I beat someone ass tonight" 😂

  10. @doesitmatter7961


    The fact that the dude in the white was just gonna let himself get hit after seeing the first swing failed. That’s why I don’t drink let some drunk pick a fight and I’m sober your ass is smashed.

  11. @magnumpi8097


    Sign them up to a boxing contract asap😆

  12. @Majorassholebigtimenumberoneme


    Felt like I was in Holland, catching a breeze off of those windmills.

  13. @whitechris720


    This is what happens when you're 25 years old and have your 1st fight.

  14. @rooibaard365


    Gust of wind and he's doing the chicken dance like Bambi on ice.

  15. @TebogoMagagane-dd5oj


    His like "yeat",after landing a punch... off to next one.

  16. @cesarespino111


    This is how you swing in dreams.

  17. @abcdefghi9


    Did the guy in the white allow the other guy to recompose himself and try again?

  18. @paulorquiza104


    The guy on white say “hit me with your best shot” and got what hes asking for.

  19. @stillkeepin1


    Bless their little hearts.

  20. @michimadiforever1458


    “You miss my face, one more time, I’ll hold still.”