RAINBOW FRIENDS, But They're ELEMENTAL?! (Cartoon Animation)

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After Red turns Orange into a fire elemental monster, Orange sets out to change the others. Soon Purple becomes imbued with poison powers, Blue will water, and Green with plants and nature. They reclaim control over the Play Place, but unfortunately for them, Red also gains a super power.
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  1. Syncotu_Productions


    I like just how done Purple looked in the end, just like "Nope, no more powers for any of us now."

  2. Richard Holt

    Richard Holt

    You know, if they had put some thought into how they could've used their power's, they could've rebuilt the entire play place.

  3. bivakmuurent E

    bivakmuurent E


  4. Msmaia79animatez


    “Love me a good ball pit.” Had me laughing

  5. James.oakleaf


    I love it when purple gave him that look as he smashed the gun. It was like “dude you just handed me the very thing that can take your powers away” 🤣🤣🤣

  6. xhaniff


    The Ending was so funny 😂😂😂

  7. Luke Jurdak

    Luke Jurdak

    He isn't Orange anymore, he's Charmander now

  8. 120Loveheart


    GameToons always make the best content and also Purple's face at the end LOL😂

  9. Just Vanessa 🫂🧪

    Just Vanessa 🫂🧪

    The animations are Getting more and more effort put into them

  10. GamerTube


    Can we talk about how Orange kind of looks like Charmander???

  11. Justice


    Purple just did the smartest thing in gametoon ending history

  12. Mint_Mochi Edits

    Mint_Mochi Edits

    Thank you gametoons for this videos I really enjoyed it 😂

  13. Nombulelo Mpangiso

    Nombulelo Mpangiso

    That face purple made at the end is just hilarious

  14. KatieVidz


    lol I love how it ends with purple just destroying the gun and his face lol

  15. DragoPlayz


    Thank you gametoons and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.

  16. Angela Seymour

    Angela Seymour

    I love how smug purple is at the end

  17. Among Us Stop Motion

    Among Us Stop Motion

    You're a legend for creating these video's. Would be cool if you could create your own series in the future.

  18. rainbow kitty

    rainbow kitty

    I love purple"s eyes at the end it's funny 🤣

  19. TheGamingKiwi101



  20. Robo


    Dang this is gonna be cool