LOVE or MONEY? ❤️💸 (PART 4)

Hey Alan Army, this is Alan Chikin Chow! This video is called Love Or Money (Part 4). Would you accept the plushie?!
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Edited by E Southern
Produced by Bianca Vasquez
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Hey friends, I'm Alan Chikin Chow!!
I'm a creator, actor & writer. My mission is to inspire people of all backgrounds and identities to unite through laughter. 🤍

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  1. Alan Chikin Chow

    Alan Chikin Chow

    21 күн бұрын

    whoaaahha check out LOVE OR MONEY (PART 3) ➡️

  2. Ganaraj Bhat

    Ganaraj Bhat

    14 күн бұрын

    That plushies are BT21 Tata and Rj💜💜💜💜they threw BT21 Tata and Rj 😭💜💜

  3. 안윤재


    2 сағат бұрын


  4. Leah Eills

    Leah Eills

    23 сағат бұрын

    Im that person who will start dating you with my full heart if you just give me the same amount of love. Cause I never had a person who loves me truly 🙂

  5. Jhaynnie Guarin

    Jhaynnie Guarin

    16 сағат бұрын

    Them :

  6. wafa🐰


    4 сағат бұрын

    BT21 🥺 TaTa & RJ 😭

  7. 💜Love Yourself 💜

    💜Love Yourself 💜

    9 сағат бұрын

    Give me RJ and TaTa 😂



    19 сағат бұрын

    how dare you throw my husbands to the ground

  9. Toca Boca Aesthetic

    Toca Boca Aesthetic

    9 сағат бұрын

    Lesson: “Never judge a book by its cover”

  10. cringie Tra with u

    cringie Tra with u

    2 сағат бұрын

    no one is going to talk about he in love with 3 gurls at the same time

  11. *Kîm Namjøøn*💜🕶️

    *Kîm Namjøøn*💜🕶️

    19 сағат бұрын

    I do love those BT21 stuffed animals if I would accept them:'3

  12. Sarswati Gaikwad

    Sarswati Gaikwad

    2 сағат бұрын

    RJ and TATA💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  13. gantoine01


    7 сағат бұрын

    I just realized they were all matching shirts

  14. Bolia Fops

    Bolia Fops

    Күн бұрын

    Others: Talking about video Me: Did they just threw RJ and TaTa?!?!

  15. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih

    Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih

    4 сағат бұрын

    The ungrateful girls: w-what? NOT FAIR!!!!!!

  16. IvyUwU


    2 сағат бұрын

    LOVE or MONEY? ❤️💸 (PART 4)

  17. ɴɪᴠɪᴘʜᴄʜᴏ


    Күн бұрын

    The firts one not being Tata mic me here like I'll take it

  18. Desiree Varrone

    Desiree Varrone

    2 сағат бұрын

    El amor no se trata de los regalos ,se trata que vos ames a la otra persona, eso es amor verdadero 😁💝

  19. Thuy Nguyen

    Thuy Nguyen

    9 сағат бұрын

    Money doesnt matter, it just matters how kind you are❤💕Have a nice day💕

  20. Aurelia Pnataleon

    Aurelia Pnataleon

    21 сағат бұрын

    I love how all of those amazing gifts are BTS and your merch and I choose love because I would want someone like you to care for me❤