Cars vs Portal Trap with Slide Color - Cars vs Deep Water - Car vs Rails and Trains - BeamNG.Drive

Cars vs Portal Trap with Slide Color - Cars vs Deep Water - Car vs Rails and Trains - BeamNG.Drive
This is a BeamNG.Drive video based on a video game created by the BeamNG Bus channel. The video has content about the confrontation between the car vs the gate trap - Another universe. After the car moves through the color slide and then falls into the deep water, it will change color and then go straight into the gate trap. In another dimension, a car collides with the track and gets stuck between the double tracks and gets hit by a train. Functional vehicles from cranes, flatbet tractors or flatbed transport with trucks to rescue trucks are extremely attractive. when the car is stuck in deep water flatbed trailer truck rescue cars.
About the game: is a realistic & immersive driving game offering limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time resulting in realistic & dynamic behavior.
Official game site:
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