Oceanvs Orientalis Live at 1300m | Beyond Music & Arts Festival | Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat

🥷🏼Happy to share beautiful memory and this improvised live set that I played last summer of 2022 at Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat
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We welcomed Oceanvs Orientalis at Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat during the Beyond Music & Arts Festival 2022. This live set in the enchanted forest was so gripping, that we had the urge to share it with you too.
Oceanvs Orientalis is a one man band founded by Şafak Özkütle. He believes everything comes from the east and experiments with the aesthetic of electronic music. He has been performing live since 2014! We think his unassuming and unhurried music was a perfect fit for the forest that surrounds Babakamp. 🌲⛰️
He uses solely his gears that are present with him at the moment and improvises a live set. That is why he captures the environment and audience perfectly.
Thanks to Oceanvs Orientalis for being the extraordinary musician that he is. It was a performance that happens once in a blue moon🌕
You can find Oceanvs Orientalis’s 2 albums, 5 EP’s, 6 singles and over 20 edits on SoundCloud 👉 soundcloud.com/oceanvsorientalis
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