Robots are getting more lifelike 🤯

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  1. helloCREEP


    *Cripples are getting robotic.

  2. DIBONAA808thegreat


    What if she’s really a D…question comes up but that shows how good she is.

  3. Lazarus Slade ⭐

    Lazarus Slade ⭐

    Man! That Black dude took full advantage of the situation with the placement of his hands!!! Homegirl got totally molested in a couple of seconds!!!🤚✋🙀

  4. Brady


    I want her to go in public and just walk around like this and scare the fk outta ppl😭

  5. bilal Bilal

    bilal Bilal

    هناك لمست يد سيدي الحكم😂

  6. Zebroid


    It feels like a stop motion film

  7. Drone World

    Drone World

    How dare you!

  8. KeeponlivingintruthKeeplivingintruth Truth

    KeeponlivingintruthKeeplivingintruth Truth

    I liked that. Now that's innovation.😅💙

  9. Tae Shin Ah

    Tae Shin Ah

    Jaja Vankova 😭❤️✨

  10. Citadel Growls

    Citadel Growls

    Get it Greta Thunburg

  11. 潘育珊



  12. Ozzy


    Grab em by the pussy !



    My man hand is so-

  14. Drowsy Stag • 46 years ago

    Drowsy Stag • 46 years ago

    Y'all as strange as it is, he probably had to pick her up like that so she could stay in form, gotta keep her position right

  15. 𝕄𝕜𝕒𝕪𝕝𝕒😝


    That hand placement tho!!!!

  16. Steph


    Seriously thought that was Gretchen

  17. Scott Ryan Nash

    Scott Ryan Nash

    Now just look what little old Michael Jackson started. Can you feel it? 😏

  18. Scott Ryan Nash

    Scott Ryan Nash

    I think the opposite, I think that life is actually becoming more robotic. Not in the to distant future we will be able to connect ourselves directly to computers and the internet. Essentially totally immersing our very consciousness into the internet grid of boundless information. Which in turn I believe will eventually enable us to transfer our consciousness completely into a cybernetic body or vessel that will essentially enable us to become immortal. By being able to repair and upgrade that mechanical body indefinitely at will. But it’s a worrying concern. As I wonder at what cost that possibility with come with. How much of our advantageous and necessary humanity and empathetic compassionate emotion will be lost in that kind of transfer. Or will our consciousness retain all that we need to actually survive and continue as humans. Or is this just part of evolution into immortality that just has to be accepted? To many scary unknowns. Definitely not something I feel humanity should rush into. But hay regardless of all that psycho techno babble. That’s some dam fine dancing skills. 😉

  19. M k i n g

    M k i n g

    Teslabot: 👁️👄👁️

  20. professional beach bum

    professional beach bum

    Donald trump grapple 🗿