pixar stop making your characters look like me

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  1. 2 Danny 2 Furious

    2 Danny 2 Furious

    4 күн бұрын

    my dog scratched my face that's why it looks like that

    • Sarah Samaan

      Sarah Samaan

      2 сағат бұрын

      Rip Danny

    • the deodorant man

      the deodorant man

      7 сағат бұрын

      What happened to peanut?

    • Garby


      13 сағат бұрын

      fix it. now.

    • Brady Looyenga

      Brady Looyenga

      18 сағат бұрын


    • Phoebe Opela

      Phoebe Opela

      21 сағат бұрын


  2. Perro Andaluz

    Perro Andaluz

    Сағат бұрын

    no homo but i would give danny that sloppy toppy

  3. jgr_lilli


    Сағат бұрын

    Danny's dubstep is solid 2014 KZonlines Gamer Intro material.

  4. Tynesia Stevens

    Tynesia Stevens

    3 сағат бұрын

    13:43 had mE DYING

  5. DecM3 _

    DecM3 _

    3 сағат бұрын

    There's nothing wrong with watching your own videos, in my opinion its like looking back at an art project :3 also I've watched the gooby video like 3 times this week alone 😂 I love binging your Vids Danny!

  6. Mandy Kins

    Mandy Kins

    4 сағат бұрын

    Danny is super hot and we should talk about it.

  7. cc


    4 сағат бұрын

    that spongebob remix goes hard

  8. Ta13 B00

    Ta13 B00

    4 сағат бұрын

    13:09 sounds like something from undertale i kinda like it ??

  9. Katarina Giselle

    Katarina Giselle

    4 сағат бұрын

    Omg..I am 33 and ALWAYS THOUGHT it was “reign deer PAWS”: reign deer pause? Pshh..that’s stupid, I’m listening for the reign deer paws when 8 hear that song next time..not pause.

  10. Kitkat


    4 сағат бұрын

    Your old Soundcloud music sounds like something that would be played in those clickbait roblox games

  11. Alex Polich

    Alex Polich

    4 сағат бұрын

    Alpha, Sigma, and Gregma but what about Ligma

  12. Ryne lillo

    Ryne lillo

    4 сағат бұрын

    “ I’m kind of worried even though I might be distracting” looks away😂I guess he agreed lol

  13. CommentBot


    4 сағат бұрын

    I thought the original character was edited to look like Danny

  14. Critter Capade

    Critter Capade

    5 сағат бұрын

    I may not have notifications on but I’ve been watching since that video on the guy that cemented his head in a microwave does that count

  15. BlueSheepRed Gaming kinda

    BlueSheepRed Gaming kinda

    5 сағат бұрын

    13:00 This stuff would be good video game music this is fire

  16. chase hallet

    chase hallet

    5 сағат бұрын

    Drew's channel is really poppin

  17. Al the CHICKEN

    Al the CHICKEN

    5 сағат бұрын

    The Santa Claus video is one of my favorite videos ever. It's amazing

  18. Leah Aantony

    Leah Aantony

    5 сағат бұрын

    i love the rat king

  19. Jared Weldon

    Jared Weldon

    5 сағат бұрын

    Is this legal?

  20. Jababy


    5 сағат бұрын

    Okay I get that the nut cracker turned off but look at the door after he unplug it something hits on the door 😂 I'd pack my bags Danny

  21. Mae Wellborn

    Mae Wellborn

    5 сағат бұрын

    This is NOT a dance track!!

  22. Crystal Rock

    Crystal Rock

    5 сағат бұрын

    I literally only watch your videos from like 3 years ago and I have no idea how it happened did you just post them all then and never now

  23. audrey U_U

    audrey U_U

    5 сағат бұрын

    my birthday was on Thanksgiving....

  24. Kai Baker

    Kai Baker

    5 сағат бұрын

    I assumed it was "pause"

  25. Grey_ Whatshisname

    Grey_ Whatshisname

    5 сағат бұрын

    every single time people associate thanksgiving with november i get so confused since its in october for me

  26. Walmart


    6 сағат бұрын

    Danny that thumbnail scares me

  27. Noah Haug

    Noah Haug

    6 сағат бұрын


  28. I’m just a person 👺👹

    I’m just a person 👺👹

    6 сағат бұрын


  29. dolphin man

    dolphin man

    6 сағат бұрын

    Danny drop nov 1st rn omg

  30. Leigh Blair

    Leigh Blair

    6 сағат бұрын

    Danny’s hot now and in ten years he’ll destroy us all, it’s the natural order of hotness in men. Thank you for attending my TED talk

  31. El S

    El S

    6 сағат бұрын

    I watch the hard rock nick video fairly regularly, it’s my favourite

  32. smallfry


    6 сағат бұрын

    You look almost identical to Walter Beckett from Spies in Disguise

  33. Gabriel Koplinski

    Gabriel Koplinski

    7 сағат бұрын

    I need more of these

  34. Kadie Chadwick

    Kadie Chadwick

    7 сағат бұрын

    My birthday was on Thanksgiving

  35. Yoshikagekirasimp


    7 сағат бұрын

    3:30 why was the light behind him moving

    • Yoshikagekirasimp


      7 сағат бұрын

      Light switch*

  36. Catherine


    7 сағат бұрын

    Well now that you bring it up…YES we think you are extremely attractive! 😻

  37. Buddy TheBest

    Buddy TheBest

    7 сағат бұрын

    All of his old songs remind me of Geometry Dash levels.

  38. Sam R

    Sam R

    7 сағат бұрын

    The Return of the King

  39. Kennedy Potempa

    Kennedy Potempa

    7 сағат бұрын


  40. Sans Dude

    Sans Dude

    7 сағат бұрын

    Just became Sigma Greg

  41. pastel Charmander

    pastel Charmander

    7 сағат бұрын

    La Croix means "the cross" in French I just needed other people to know that so the conspiracy can begin

  42. Gabrielle Nachel

    Gabrielle Nachel

    7 сағат бұрын

    bruh i also listened to skrillex in high school and even had a half shave inspired by him lmaoooo

  43. Pineapple_熊


    7 сағат бұрын

    Danny Just stop looking like Pixar characters

  44. F0rrb!den V@lle3

    F0rrb!den V@lle3

    7 сағат бұрын

    please make your videos get to the fucking point my adhd cannot stand your 18 minute lectures that feel like an hour just because you want money

  45. Greenish


    7 сағат бұрын

    Danny is really good at making music

  46. Robert Bobert

    Robert Bobert

    8 сағат бұрын

    i like that sweater

  47. Guzzguzzlive


    8 сағат бұрын

    That’s such a cool sweater!

  48. Sawyer K

    Sawyer K

    8 сағат бұрын

    What ab the gaming channel ??

  49. bella krueger

    bella krueger

    8 сағат бұрын

    you never answered what channel we need to subscribe to and turn on post notifications to become gregmas

  50. skye


    8 сағат бұрын

    Is this the channel where you like to get goofy and wacky and drink a lil la croix?

  51. Benjamin Harper

    Benjamin Harper

    8 сағат бұрын

    I recently unfollowed this channel because you never posted on here anymore

  52. soop


    8 сағат бұрын

    can i please get the diggy gorgonzola haircut

  53. Kristin Smith

    Kristin Smith

    8 сағат бұрын

    Dude. That apongebob remix slaps so hard though.

  54. pay


    8 сағат бұрын


  55. Heliodorable


    8 сағат бұрын

    omg my comment is in this video 😳 that was wild to see haha

  56. toejam


    8 сағат бұрын

    Danny drop a hyperpop album please

  57. Sandvich of the Sea

    Sandvich of the Sea

    9 сағат бұрын

    Lol, i saw the thumbnail and thought this was a Danny without context

  58. Mia B.

    Mia B.

    9 сағат бұрын

    I have to constantly remind myself that Danny is an almost 30 y/o man and not an 17 y/o teenage boy

  59. Lloyd Morrow

    Lloyd Morrow

    9 сағат бұрын

    Man, vibes! Post your SC OG tunes!!

  60. onceuponascream


    9 сағат бұрын

    the nutcracker really said “say less” when danny asked if the light would be too distracting 😅

  61. coldsins


    9 сағат бұрын

    you kinda look like Lip Gallahger

  62. Narwhal


    9 сағат бұрын

    16:51 POV: you’re wearing raycons while watching this

  63. Feyre, High Lady of The Night Court

    Feyre, High Lady of The Night Court

    9 сағат бұрын

    Sweater be lookin mad comfy tho

  64. D V

    D V

    9 сағат бұрын

    LMAOOO the whole time I was watching the buzzlight year trailer I was like "WHY THE FUCK DOES HE LOOK SO FAMILIARRRR"... Now I know 😂😂

  65. aaron sistko

    aaron sistko

    9 сағат бұрын

    His last video got 1.5 million views 6 months end this video got 1.1 million views in 4 days

  66. Carolyn Bubar

    Carolyn Bubar

    9 сағат бұрын

    Danny was making straight up geometry dash music back in the day

  67. Anuka Z

    Anuka Z

    9 сағат бұрын

    bro why was that spongebob remix actually FIRE, I can't even create something that good now as an adult.

  68. Charming Allison

    Charming Allison

    10 сағат бұрын

    Me just looking at the picture of Danny with an inhaler 🤣😂😂😂

  69. lucas.


    10 сағат бұрын


  70. FernandaWritesStories


    10 сағат бұрын

    Damn just realized im a beta greg

  71. ingrid gilchrist

    ingrid gilchrist

    10 сағат бұрын

    i was waiting to get a la croix to watch this and now i’m drinking a lime la croix 😧

  72. Ali_gator Plays

    Ali_gator Plays

    10 сағат бұрын

    Wait Danny has a small mustache

  73. Hanah Faye

    Hanah Faye

    11 сағат бұрын

    I also think Danny is attractive

  74. Josie Parker

    Josie Parker

    11 сағат бұрын

    Danny’s song “November 1” slaps !

  75. roan weasley

    roan weasley

    11 сағат бұрын

    danny i love your urban outfitters sweater

  76. Sabertooth


    11 сағат бұрын


  77. Amanda Goyke

    Amanda Goyke

    11 сағат бұрын

    To get tiny cats you place the cataus in a flower pot

  78. InVālįdPērsøń 4Ø4

    InVālįdPērsøń 4Ø4

    11 сағат бұрын

    We stan the gregma

  79. Emma Michele

    Emma Michele

    11 сағат бұрын

    danny i got some weird dating kpop star simulator ad before this video

  80. average_chungus


    11 сағат бұрын

    now im a sigma greg

  81. JoarD


    12 сағат бұрын

    Great vid

  82. Bean Treats

    Bean Treats

    12 сағат бұрын

    I love watching old danny vids for the first time

  83. PessimisticDiabetic


    12 сағат бұрын

    That’s my favorite la croix flavor

  84. amr2002amr ™

    amr2002amr ™

    12 сағат бұрын

    I knew from just the thumbnail and the title alone that I was getting into a video about his subreddit lmao

  85. ForbiddenMilk


    12 сағат бұрын

    what about Gregmas 🤬

  86. Jess Faille

    Jess Faille

    12 сағат бұрын

    ig reindeer have paws so they're softer and don't wake up the kiddos

  87. Starikova T.V.

    Starikova T.V.

    12 сағат бұрын

    the first thing Danny posted on SoundCloud: "Nice" the second thing Danny posted on SoundCloud: "EPIC"

  88. Breyanna


    13 сағат бұрын

    danny i like ur sweater :o

  89. Unlisted Magic

    Unlisted Magic

    13 сағат бұрын

    No one: Danny: I just gonna, I wanna, i'm gonna do one...

  90. rhiannon foss

    rhiannon foss

    13 сағат бұрын

    Danny opening the la croix can with one hand was literally so hot for no reason

  91. chill


    13 сағат бұрын

    DO MORE MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. luca


    13 сағат бұрын


  93. Juice Box

    Juice Box

    13 сағат бұрын

    I really liked this video hope you do another one you’re interacting with your fans more and entertaining the others I think I might download Reddit just to read some more of those 😂

  94. 1286qw


    13 сағат бұрын

    was there a song about geting slaped by legal

  95. Mike Shaw

    Mike Shaw

    13 сағат бұрын

    Danny made me gay... or was I never straight...

  96. innocentgun


    13 сағат бұрын

    danny did u know u can turn on dark mode for youtube now luv u

  97. Sarah C

    Sarah C

    13 сағат бұрын

    You look like the dude from shameless

  98. Bleu


    13 сағат бұрын

    Every now and then I go back to the fanfic video Danny and Drew made, and it honestly makes me feel a tad more confident in my own writing