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The Forbidden WATER ENGINE is REAL | We created an engine that runs on hydrogen

The forbidden WATER ENGINE is a reality | We create an engine that runs on hydrogen.
Join us in this tutorial where we will create an engine that runs on water in a few simple steps. It has always been said that the splitting of H2O into its molecules by electrolysis is not efficient enough to be practical... But one team has developed an electrolyte capable of turning this technology on its head. And we show it to you here, before anyone else.
00:00 Start
01:02 Preparing the pieces to cut them
01:24 Cutting the 304L stainless steel parts
02:30 Drilling the pieces (One 6mm and one 11mm hole in each piece)
08:18 Polishing the pieces
03:58 Preparation of the Hydrolysis tank
04:56 Cutting the M6 ​​threaded rods
05:18 Assembly of the Hydrolysis reactor
09:20 Preparation of the Hydrogen security container
11:46 Manufacture of the support for the Hydrolysis equipment
13:12 Electrical connections
14:30 We remove the fuel tank and set up our Hydrolysis equipment
16:14 Preparation of the air filter
16:34 Filling the water and secret electrolyte tanks HH+
17:35 First test inside the workshop
18:05 Carburetor adjustment
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