Dinosaur eggs with loach! | Chinese Mountain Forest Life and Food

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  1. Eater Straw Hat

    Eater Straw Hat

    Have you ever eaten roasted goose eggs?▶

  2. Sheen Ryl Guadalquiver

    Sheen Ryl Guadalquiver

    bro go back in time😂😂

  3. king chabba kidbobaman nana doo doo loogie loogie

    king chabba kidbobaman nana doo doo loogie loogie

    14 күн бұрын

    For those saying that it is slugs or snails, they are not but are Loaches a type of catfish. And no I did not misspell. If you don't believe me pause the vid and look closer.

  4. Jazz Kerto

    Jazz Kerto

    Bro made a 2 in 1 hot pot 😂😂

  5. ворон


    Egg in ohio

  6. MR straw hat

    MR straw hat

    Bro went in to 7000BC tho

  7. Bô lão lừ khừ gamer

    Bô lão lừ khừ gamer

    Covid 19 be like 💀

  8. Franek Dolas

    Franek Dolas

    Normal fastfood in Oklahoma and Ohio

  9. just a random no need to worry

    just a random no need to worry

    Ayoo did he just boiled those snails 🙃🙃

  10. Карина Жужа

    Карина Жужа

    Приезжай в Калининград, тут их много

  11. Wood Lodson

    Wood Lodson

    Bro he can litterly eat everything

  12. dummpy 🥟

    dummpy 🥟


  13. Chin Sure Fern

    Chin Sure Fern

    Chefs in Ohio:

  14. Adham7080


    Ohio cheif be like

  15. Ramzi Roblox

    Ramzi Roblox

    2 сағат бұрын

    normal voice and food in ohio be like:

  16. mario


    He would dare to eat a snail today💀

  17. Zc Dù

    Zc Dù

    Dinosaur egg tall 75 centimeters

  18. Rea Corsame

    Rea Corsame

    😂😂 be like that I think is best for you guys to the house and I have no idea

  19. Butters_Stotch


    Bro knew what he was doing to the egg

  20. MxJ


    nooooooooooooooooooooooo wtffffffffffffffffffff